Will Phone Numbers as Credentials Take Off?

Angus Kidman:

The new element of Fabric is Digits, an authentication service which relies on your mobile phone number as the key source of ID. Want to sign up for a new app? Rather than having to create a new identity or rely on an existing third party, Digits lets you connect the service to your mobile number. We’re familiar with the idea of using our mobile phones for two-factor authentication; this takes that a step further.

With so many unified sign in options: Facebook, Twitter, Google etc will we want a further option? Only time will tell.

Update: As Christopher Neugebauer points out, many people also have multiple phone numbers – another potential stumbling point.

MONA FOMA Program Released: Amanda Palmer Only Performer I’ve Heard Of

From The Mercury:

PARTY people, prepare to get pumped up for MONA’s seventh annual MONA FOMA festival, which was launched in Hobart today.

Running from January 15-18, MOFO 2015 will be based at Princes Wharf 1, where the festival’s stunning centrepiece will be erected: a giant inflatable “luminarium” called Exxopolis, made by UK “pneumatic sculptors” Architects of Air.

I love MONA FOMA, don’t get me wrong. But I feel that one of three things is happening: I’m getting gradually uncool, I was never cool or MONA FOMA is getting more experimental.

Taking a look at the official program, the only performer who I’ve heard of is Amanda Palmer. That’s not a bad thing, in fact one of my favourite MONA FOMA memory is her laneway performance a few years ago.

But I think it begs the question as to whether MOFO is moving away from what was an artistic but still community centred event to something a bit more towards the cultural elite.

Neither option is necessarily bad — if MOFO can continue to draw masses of interstate visitors than of course that’s great — and Brian Ritchie, David Walsh and the MONA team don’t owe us anything.

I’m probably just an uncool grump.