Stand Up for the TUU

We Stood Up For State Council

Now It's the SRC's Turn.

A Message from Alex

Alex West
Statewide President-Elect

In October, we did something great. We, as students of UTas, made a statement that we wanted change. I am eager that from December 1st this year I will taking up the role of Statewide TUU president, along with my other successful running mates Vino Rajandran (Postgraduate President) and Maddi Charles (Campus President South). More change is still to come. I am very pleased to announce Stand Up’s candidates for the Southern Student Representative Council (SRC).

The TUU is the heart of student life and advocacy on campus and the SRC is the next step. I would like to introduce you to the rest of the team: a group of people who share the same values and want the same things for out university as I do. Scroll down and read on to find out about their ideas for a stronger and more engaging SRC South.

Meet Our Candidates

Hassan Al Sinan
Medical Precinct Representative

Although the medical precinct has over 500 students studying medicine, nursing, medical research and paramedics, the presence of TUU on this satellite campus has been rarely felt. I’m standing up for bridging the gap with the main campus, with more TUU presence felt in the medical precinct.

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Jamila Fontana
General Representative

I am running as a Stand Up candidate because I believe that student representation at UTAS needs rediscover the population is works for. I belief a transparent and innovative representative body can start to take back the ‘student experience’ and make it something we all want to be involved in.

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Isaac Foster

I am committed to delivering the both value and quality in SRC initiatives, and to producing tangible outcomes tailored to student interests, through regular and active campus consultation and intelligent use of SRC funds. I stand for a compliant and accountable SRC, with the capacity to justify the services it provides, and to ensure accountability for the outcomes of those services.

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Alasdair Doyle
Arts School Representative

The Tasmanian School of Art is a vibrant and strong community within the University of Tasmania. The innovative campus based at Hobart’s waterfront, plays a vital role in developing and exhibiting the work of upcoming Tasmanian artists. Strengthening links between the School of Art and other campuses is paramount to ensure not only its prosperity, but further to maintain and develop cultural standings at University.

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Noah Sutton
Regional Secretary

Individuals on campus should know the role and the responsibilities of the union, be properly informed of their actions and be involved in the decisions that are made. Communication and consultation is paramount for the success of a more relevant and connected student union.

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Michelle Ang
Activities Officer

Social interaction is an essential part of university life. I want to create a positive university culture, that provides a sense of pride, identity and unity amongst all students. Participating in University activities and events enables communication and networking opportunities, also allowing UTAS students to connect with the wider community. .

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Georgia Allen
Education Officer

Having a high quality of tertiary education, with a diverse range of subject choices is essential to further our career opportunities post-graduation. I believe the quality of education should not be based on University Rankings, but on the support and education options we have as students from the University. .

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Liam Carswell
Publications & Communications

With many issues happening which effect students at UTas, it is vital that we have a strong communication presence as an SRC. We need to create outlets where students can have their voices heard, whether on issues or education or society in general.

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Bryce Roney
Societies Council President

Societies are the lifeblood of our University community. I want to support these groups and see them grow and become a greater presence on campus.

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Liam Dolbey
General Representative

A strong SRC needs strong members, I can't wait to support Alex and Maddi on a Stand Up SRC and promote our values of diversity, inclusion and strong student unions.

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Zoe Kean
Welfare & Equity

I am running for welfare and equity officer because I believe that all people attending university should be given the support they need to thrive during their tertiary education. I believe that welfare and equity considerations need to underpin every decision the University takes.

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Shafiq Sobri
International Students

With more than 5000 international students on campus, we have to realise that we play a pivotal role at the university, economically and socially. If we were united, we would have a strong voice on campus to influence the implementation of policies or activities that are beneficial to us which will make university life a joyful experience.

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Emily Robinson
Women’s Equity

I am standing up for a university culture that supports women and people who identify as women and creates a comfortable and safe environment for all. I believe it's important to have an inclusive women's collective which advocates for equality within university and I'll strive to work towards this.

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Brodi Lucas

For LGBTIQA people, particularly young people, University can often be the place where they can finally be themselves. We need to show, through our actions and events, LGBTIQA people currently attending UTas or thinking about attending that it is a campus which embraces diversity and respects students regardless of gender or sexual identity.

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Justine Ruckert
Environment Officer

Maintaining and improving the university environment will benefit students now and into the future. I would like to increase recognition and support for on campus sustainable action and create awareness of environmental issues throughout the university.

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