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Brodi Lucas

LGBTIQA Students Officer

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LGBTIQA young people often face mental health problems, and often are less likely to attend University. The union has a unique position to combat this by encouraging young people to attend University by showing that it does get better at University and that the University of Tasmania is a campus which embraces the queer community and supports students who identify as such.

I am running for LGBTQIA officer because I believe all students should feel safe and secure whilst at UTas, regardless of sexual preferences or gender identity.

Students looking to attend UTas need to be aware that we a friendly, open university that will accept and support all of its students.

What I Want To Do

  1. Lobby for the introduction of single gender neutral (pan) bathrooms across all campuses and also to ensure that University administrative materials use gender neutral language and provide for options for students who do not identify in the male/female binary.
  2. Support community campaigns targeting homophobia, queerphobia and transphobia.
  3. Work with the University to improve welfare and equity services for LGBTIQA students, including developing a framework for the safety and inclusion of GLBTIQ students.
  4. Seek support from the University and external parties to establish Australia's first LGBTIQA access scholarship.
  5. In conjunction with community groups, develop a mentor program to support LGBTIQA youth planning to go to the University of Tasmania.

Past Experience

  • Member of the Fine Arts ‘Colouring Outside the Lines’ queer support group
  • Actively participates in lobbying for same-sex marriage reform
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