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Bryce Roney

Societies Council President

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Societies are the lifeblood of our University community. They are the students who run events that provide for a vibrant campus community. They are the students that support their fellow students with whom they may share a field of study, interest or hobby. I want to support these groups and see them grow and become a greater presence on campus.

I want to ensure that societies feel supported in running events and programs on campus. I want societies to have the resources they need to be able to execute their visions. That’s why I’m running for Societies Council President.

What I Want To Do

  1. Work to improve the published resources available to societies, including the Societies Handbook.
  2. Develop new resources to help societies with topics such as society administration and promotion, with the potential for professional development sessions to be held either in conjunction with or in addition to Societies Council meetings.
  3. Continue the asset purchase program initiated by the current Council and also investigate an asset sharing scheme to avoid needless duplication of assets.
  4. Work to improve the prominence of societies and their activities during O Week and continue that work throughout the year, working with the Activities Officer and the rest of the SRC to develop more events which bring different societies together and improve campus culture.
  5. Support the establishment and growth of new and diverse student societies.

Past Experience

  • National Social Media Manager, UN Youth Australia
  • Former Social Media Manager and Vice-President (Membership), UN Youth Tasmania
  • Secretary, University Labor Society
  • Member of the Tasmanian Youth Parliament Taskforce
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