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Emily Robinson

Women's Officer

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Women and people who identify as women face particular and disproportionate barriers at University. I want to see more women participating in higher education and to do that we need to make sure that they feel safe and supported during their time at University.

I am standing up for a university culture that supports women and people who identify as women and creates a comfortable and safe environment for all. I believe it's important to have an inclusive women's collective which advocates for equality within the university and the higher education sector and I'll strive to work towards this.

What I Want To Do

  1. Recognise that women and people who identify as women face particular and disproportionate barriers at University and, as such, will run campaigns and advocate for women identifying students on campus access to education and safety.
  2. Support the growth of the women's collective on campus.
  3. Work with the Women's Department of the National Union of Students in developing further education material and surveys such as the Talk About It Survey which found that 86% of women have experienced sexual comments made to them and 67% have had unwanted sexual experiences on campus.
  4. In doing so implement the recommendations of the report where possible on the SRC level and lobby the University to implement the recommendations University-wide.
  5. Work with the GLBTIQA Officer and Welfare and Equity Officer on the soon to be established Welfare Council to develop coordinated responses to welfare and equity issues across all southern campuses.

Past Experience

  1. Involved in volunteer programs at Calvary Hospital and with Conservation Volunteers
  2. Active member of Christ College and the leader of the girls group within college
  3. Member of the Young Greens
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