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Georgia Allen

Education Officer

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Having a high quality of tertiary education, with a diverse range of subject choices is essential to further our career opportunities post-graduation. I believe the quality of education should not be based on University Rankings, but on the support and education options we have as students from the University.

The current way in which the University administration is independently restructuring faculties is unacceptable and should always work in consultation with students when proposing changes to the delivery and standard of our education.

I believe my experience and drive to promote transparency, accountability and communication between the University and it’s students places me best to do this, as I take changes in the higher education sector that could affect learning outcomes for students very seriously.

What I Want To Do

  1. Transform the Education Council into an effective body that fights against any decrease in the quality of teaching and services in conjunction with the greater student body.
  2. Ensure that all tutors are given adequate training by the University to mark assignments and take tutorials.
  3. Advocate for the mandatory recording of lectures in rooms fitted with the appropriate equipment.
  4. Seek support from the University and external parties to establish Australia's first LGBTIQA access scholarship.
  5. Lobby the University to improve the uConnect wireless network, the black spots in the Morris Miller library are unacceptable.
  6. Work with the Publications and Communications Officer to create an Education Portfolio page on the TUU website to publicise education specific media releases and news.
  7. Lobby the University to make all course materials available on MyLO.
  8. Advocate for a greater reliance on online readers, and that all required textbooks are in the library.
  9. Ensure the Online SETL program is more accessible and transparent.
  10. Organise student forums and run campaigns to disseminate information to students about any proposed faculty restructures or other education reforms that could have negative implications for the quality of our tertiary education.
  11. Ensure that the TUU and the SRC South develop a united and consistent standpoint in regards to any further faculty restructures.

Past Experience

  • Organiser of the Arts Faculty Restructure Forum to be held 16 October 2012.
  • Media commentary on higher education issues.
  • Policy research for members of Parliament, giving me experience in approaching key stakeholders on policy issues.
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