Stand Up for the TUU

We Stood Up For State Council

Now It's the SRC's Turn.

Meet Our Candidates

Isaac Foster


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I am committed to delivering the both value and quality in SRC initiatives, and to producing tangible outcomes tailored to student interests, through regular and active campus consultation and intelligent use of SRC funds.

I stand for a compliant and accountable SRC, with the capacity to justify the services it provides, and to ensure accountability for the outcomes of those services.

What I Want To Do

  1. Rigorous compliance and accountability to students in the allocation of SRC funds
  2. Regular consultation with students on campus concerning SRC programs and the perceived quality of their outcomes
  3. Intelligent budgeting to provide valuable services and events
  4. Publishing a detailed expenditure and budget for the SRC.
  5. Increased focus on providing essential non-commercial student services
  6. Investigating alternative sources of revenue for the TUU.

Past Experience

Committee Member for the Devonport Regional Art Gallery Young Members which involved budget management and negotiation, as well as required a high level of responsibility and accountability.

Questions or Comments?

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