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Justine Ruckert

Environment Officer

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Maintaining and improving the university environment will benefit students now and into the future. We have an opportunity now as students which we can seize and take the University of Tasmania into the future of environmental sustainability.

Environmental management and sustainable development is my career goal and passion. I am running for the SRC position of Environmental Officer as I believe my strong interest in environmental issues, along with previous experience and education, strongly qualify me as a candidate for the position.

What I Want To Do

  1. Educate and communicate to the campus society on sustainable initiatives throughout the university.
  2. Work together with university staff and students to implement the Open to Talent strategic goals, in order to create an inclusive, responsive, innovative and informed university culture that contributes toward to a sustainable society.
  3. Develop environmental projects and policies that promote sustainable practice such as supporting sustainable transport issues both at a University and greater Hobart level and groups which are pushing the University to improve its environmental credentials.
  4. Ensure that the work of the TUU is as environmentally conscious as possible, and hold the University to account when they make decisions which adversely impact our environmental sustainability.
  5. Lobby the University to develop a more substantial waste management policy.
  6. Work towards the University endorsing sustainable purchasing programs, including fair trade.

Past Experience

  • Involved with Australian Youth Climate Coaliation Hobart branch and AYCC University group.
  • Member of the TUU Environmental Collective.
  • Experience in campaigning, running events and public communication
  • Currently studying Environmental Management
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