Stand Up for the TUU

We Stood Up For State Council

Now It's the SRC's Turn.

Meet Our Candidates

Liam Dolbey

General Representative

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I am a member of Stand Up because I supported the values and aspirations of the state council who advocated for quality education, advocating for student control of student services and aiming for a sustainable campus. I want to see those filter down to the SRC.

The SRC is the heart of your campus life. The council should be active, transparent and part of your every day uni experience. I want to see this council live up to its motto of your uni life.

Being a General Representative on the SRC allows me to pursue those values and support the SRC in its projects and aims.

What I Want To Do

  1. Be a supportive member of the SRC, helping and assisting the other members where needed.
  2. Have an active presence in the student community, raising the profile of the TUU and its services and activities.
  3. Champion the Stand Up aims of diversity, inclusion and an active and strong student union.
  4. Continue successful SRC initiatives such as TUU Toast and inter-faculty spports and activities.

Past Experience

  • Previous student executive member of the Christ College Student club.
  • Active member of the Tasmanian Pharmacy Students Association.
  • Member of the Tasmanian Young Greens.
  • Committee member of the Tasmanian Pharmacy Students association as 3rd year representative.
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