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Liam Carswell

Publications & Communications Officer

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Poor communication from the TUU has meant that students have mistakenly conflated the role of the State Council and the SRC and consequently haven’t been adequately informed of TUU decisions that affect them. Meanwhile, the Student Observer remains dormant on a poorly advertised stand in the Contact Centre. That’s why I believe the creation of the Publications and Communications Officer is so important. That’s why I’m standing up.

Having an open and transparent SRC that is actively communicating with students is an important part of building a more inclusive and dynamic culture on campus.

Valuing student media and students' opinions sits with my personal objectives of building a more inclusive and dynamic culture on campus. I believe my experience and enthusiasm places me well to do this and that is why I am standing up and running to be a member of the SRC South.

What I Want To Do

  1. Begin developing an SRC mailing list by collecting email addresses at all SRC events and through the Council’s online presence so the SRC can better advertise upcoming events, activities and campaigns
  2. Lobby the university to allow the SRC South and the TUU the ability to bulk email all students on a more regular basis.
  3. Immediately set up a publications committee to investigate how best to improve and more widely disseminate the SRC’s most important publication - the Student Observer. Working towards taking it to the level of other student publications such as Farrago and Honi Soit.
  4. Continue to have a strong working relationship with Togatus and support its Editor where needed.
  5. Introduce a ‘back to university’ publication, in conjunction with a revamped Student Observer, to: introduce the new SRC, give advice on education and welfare issues, and advertise O-Week events.
  6. Lobby the State Council to create a new Facebook page dedicated solely to the activities of the TUU, so students are no longer confused by the roles of the State Council and the SRC South.
  7. Continue to build on the SRC South’s successful social media presence with a view to build more dynamic and regularly updated Facebook and Twitter pages.

Past Experience

  • Social Media Manager and Founding Member, Rainbow Labor Tasmania
  • Assistant Social Media Manager, Young Labor Tasmania
  • Vice-President, University Labor Society, 2011
  • Active member of UN Youth Tasmania and Convenor of their 2012 Junior Public Speaking Competition
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