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Meet Our Candidates

Michelle Ang

Activities Officer

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Social interaction is an essential part of university life. I want to create a positive university culture which provides a sense of pride, identity and unity amongst all students. Participating in University activities and events enables communication and networking opportunities, also allowing UTas students to connect with the wider community.

University life is what WE make it. Together WE can make our experiences here at UTAS enjoyable and rewarding.

What I Want To Do

  1. Work closely with relevant SRC office bearers to co-ordinate more events and activities, welcoming to ALL students local, international and mature age.
  2. Facilitate interaction across all faculties and societies through new activities and events to bring a sense of unity to the university as well as breaking down the barriers between local and international students.
  3. Hold both alcohol and alcohol-free events and activities. Some of our ideas include on campus markets, outdoor movie nights in the summer, fairs ranging from social justice, careers and health as well as interesting and engaging public lectures.
  4. To create a positive image of UTAS by enabling interaction between students and the wider community.

Past Experience

  • Completed marketing degree, currently in 3rd year law/commerce majoring in entrepreneurship and studying diploma of languages in Chinese.
  • Representative for Advocacy Tasmania. Providing free representation for individuals with mental health disorders at mental health tribunals.
  • Employed at Waji Catering from 2007-now. My role includes involvement in weddings, birthday celebrations large scale corporate functions, Taste of Tasmania, Festivale, wooden boat festival, Volkswagen ‘Amarok’ launch.
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