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Naseem Ali

International Officer

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In our current, hyper competitive world, postgraduate degrees are the stepping stone to a more rewarding career. They require an immense amount of drive and commitment, coupled with an ability to adapt to challenging circumstances. For the hundreds of students who come to UTAS from a diverse range of countries, the hurdles faced are often greater and more complicated.

As an International PhD candidate in Medicine, who has been at UTAS for almost 6 years, I have faced many of these obstacles to get where I am now. My UTAS experience has been great so far, but there are things that can certainly be improved upon. My role as the International Officer on the postgraduate council will be to appreciate the views of international students and ensure that they are represented on the postgraduate council.

The diversity of the postgraduate population is an untapped asset of UTAS, and such diversity should be embraced to highlight what is best about UTAS. These days, academia is all about networking and collaboration, and International students can play a big role in helping nurture such relationships. Similarly, local students are just as important in helping foreign students in assimilating to UTAS life. Imagine a university environment where local and international postgrads from all the faculties are in the same social sphere, looking for ways to enrich each other’s postgrad experience and develop life-long friendships and collaborations. That is my vision for postgrads at UTAS.

What I Want To Do

  1. Lobby for the establishment a ‘Postgraduate Lounge’, creating a social avenue for postgraduates.
  2. Establish a quarterly forum where postgraduates can bring up the issues that concern them.
  3. Promote more vibrant social events for postgraduates, emphasising the diversity on offer.
  4. Push the Uni to provide more support for international students in regard to Visas and career opportunities in Australia. These could take the form of information sessions or a dedicated support person.
  5. Establish a survival kit/fact sheet for starting postgraduates so that they (and their families) are prepared for the move to Australia and can settle in quickly to University and Tasmanian life. This could accompany an up-to-date website which lists all activities taking place, thus making them aware of all the activities that they could potentially join.
  6. Ensure that SSAF funds are spent in a transparent manner, and that benefits are passed on to International students.

Past Experience

  • Member of the Menzies Research Institute Postgraduate Student committee.
  • Postgraduate Student member of AusBiotech.
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