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Noah Sutton

Regional Secretary

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The Tasmanian University Union is the active voice of the student body. Individuals on campus should know the role and the responsibilities of the union, be properly informed of their actions and be involved in the decisions that are made. Communication and consultation is paramount for the success of a more relevant and connected student union.

Entering the second year of my combined Business/Arts degree, with majors in economics and art theory, I strive to see a more informed and involved student body. Through extensive administrative experience and consistent community involvement, I am confident in my ability to excel in the position of regional secretary, endeavouring to expand on the work that has already been completed by the present incumbent.

I am running for this position because I am passionate about creating a first-class university experience. I want to see more students aware of the decisions that are being made in regards to their education, more students actively contributing to a dynamic campus life and a diversified event schedule that incorporates the wider student population.

What I Want To Do

  1. Make SRC documents more accessible and promiently placed on the TUU website, and ensure that future redevelopments of the website give more prominence to SRC minutes and other documents.
  2. Create minutes which more accurately reflect the actions of meetings, including publishing all reports alongside details of discussions had and actions taken.
  3. Ensure students have adequate opportunity to raise concerns and questions with the TUU and make sure these channels of communication are well known.
  4. Fortify the relationship between the main campus and satellite campuses through a diversified event schedule that aims to integrate and unify all individuals studying in the southern region.
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