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Nysha Munro

Vice President

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To me, University is an incredible place, a place where ideas are born, a place for personal growth and most importantly, a place for exchange and interaction. The concentration of people from a diverse range of fields, of varying experience level, age and background creates a unique environment in which to interact. For reasons such as these, I consider it a privilege to be a postgraduate student and to be able to call the University my workplace.

Although there are numerous positives associated with postgraduate study, there are also many challenges. Few, or no, class contact hours mean the postgraduate journey can be isolating and lonely. This can be intensified for international students who face additional obstacles such as language and cultural barriers and being apart from loved ones. My vision for the postgraduate council is a group of individuals who recognise these challenges and work towards creating a university environment where all postgrads have the support available to enable them to lead balanced and happy university and personal lives.

I believe that I possess several qualities that would enable me to succeed in the role of Vice President of the Postgraduate Council. I’m a fair and honest person who is both a good listener and leader. I can be creative and when this is combined with my ambition is usually means I’ll find a way to make the idea a reality.

What I Want To Do

  1. Greater accountability and transparency with regards to postgraduate SSAF contribution.
  2. A Postgrad Lounge, a place for social and cultural events but most importantly, a space where postgrads can interact on a daily basis, sharing experiences and developing friendships. A photo/information board will introduce new postgrads and their interest, that way new postgrads can become known without being introduced to every other postgrad. Other students can recognise common interests from the information boards and potentially make contact.
  3. Induction ‘Survival Kits’, to allow postgrads starting any time of the year to integrate quickly. Kits will include up-to-date information on university activities, all relevant contact details and options for out-of-Uni activities.
  4. Statewide Postgraduate Forum, an annual event that promotes exchange between the other Utas campuses. Postgrads will have the opportunity to share work that they have done, experiences and network.
  5. Mentoring Program, on arrival at Utas a person will be given the contact details of an appointed mentor who will be responsible for helping that person integrate into university life.

Past Experience

  • Member of the School of Agricultural Science Postgraduate Society.
  • Volunteered with ACIAR on a project in East Timor
  • Lived and worked in South America. Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese
  • Lived and worked in a major scientific research institute in Berlin
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