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Tim Jarvis

Postgraduate Officer (South)

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Your years as a postgraduate student should be challenging and stimulating, as the years in which you are turned into a genuine intellectual (yes I know that’s supposed to be a dirty word) to be set loose upon the world. Instead, there is at present little social or intellectual community, and what little there is exists mostly within each School. As Postgraduate Representative, I want to change that.

But I don't just want to create an intellectual community. I want to be involved in the creation of a community as such, an inclusive community that celebrates the range of different people and interests that make up this University, a community that is at present sadly lacking. This means increasing interaction between postgraduates in different Schools and different Faculties, and it also means increasing the interaction between postgraduates and undergraduates within each School.

What I Want To Do

  1. Facilitate the creation of a vibrant intellectual culture at the University of Tasmania.
  2. Ensure that units for the Graduate Certificate of Research are relevant to the needs of RHD students – for instance, pushing for the creation of a unit that provides tutor training for postgraduates involved in teaching.
  3. Improve the teaching prospects for postgraduate students.
  4. Establish a quarterly forum at which postgraduates can air and address their concerns.
  5. Increase the transparency, efficiency and clarity of the scholarships process.
  6. Meet with postgraduate students from all across the Univsersity, to gain an understanding of the different kinds of postgraduate experience.
  7. Create a diverse range of activities and social events, to provide for the diverse range of students.
  8. Increase the level of interaction between undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  9. Negotiate with the University to establish a 'Postgraduate Lounge' to promote campus-wide community.
  10. Ensure that postgraduate SSAF funds are spent transparently, in a way that benefits all postgraduates.

Past Experience

  • Established and ran the TUU Philosophy Society, from 2011 to present. Through the Philosophy Society, I have tried to foster a sense of community in the School of Philosophy, through running reading groups, organising guest seminars, and maintaining a mailing list.
  • Postgraduate represenatative within the School of Philosophy since July of this year. Although it is early days yet, I've been engaged in student advocacy to improve the tutoring situation within the School, and organised the School to hold an information session for its postgraduates regarding the School review and the Faculty restructure.
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