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Zoe Kean

Welfare and Equity

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Coming to University is a major change for many people. Whether students are straight out of college or coming back to Uni after time in the workforce students need to know that they are coming into a place which supports them. The union is in a key position to safeguard and lobby for student services and create events and forums where students facing welfare and equity issues can bring those to the attention of the Uni and the union can take steps to address students concerns.

I am running for welfare and equity officer because I believe that all people attending university should be given the support they need to thrive during their tertiary education. I believe that welfare and equity considerations need to underpin every decision the University takes.

Going to UTas needs to be a realisable goal for people of all backgrounds and students at UTas need to have proper support available to them and be aware of how they can access that.

What I Want To Do

  1. Lobby for a significant increase in counselling services, highlighting that online counselling can never fully replace in person services.
  2. Promote counselling and support services on campus and make sure all students are aware of the services available to them.
  3. Lobby for increased welfare and equity services for students with disabilities and students facing personal crises.
  4. Call for all lectures to be recored and all course materials to be placed on MyLo so students who have access issues have equitable access to their education.
  5. Work with the LGBTIQA Officer and Women's Officer on the soon to be established Welfare Council to develop coordinated responses to welfare and equity issues across all southern campuses.
  6. Make sure that welfare and equity issues are underpin every decision made by the Union and call on the University to do the same.

Past Experience

  • Intern for the Minister for Human Services and Community Development
  • Co-President, Tasmanian Young Greens
  • Board Member, Source Community Wholefoods Co-op
  • Organiser, Tasmanian Young Greens Marriage Equality Campaign.
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