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Postgraduate Council Candidates

Nysha Munro

Although there are numerous positives associated with postgraduate study, there are also many challenges. My vision for the postgraduate council is a group of individuals who recognise these challenges and work towards creating a university environment where all postgrads have the support available to enable them to lead balanced and happy university and personal lives.

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Ryan Burley

As Secretary, I will push the boundaries of the position, creating a coherent postgraduate community across all campuses. I will communicate to postgraduates the plans and actions of the Council, as well as the decisions being made at the higher levels of university administration. I hope to bring candidates together through conferences designed to give postgraduates an opportunity to speak about their research and develop the skills that are critical in an academic career.

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Naseem Ali
International Officer

The diversity of the postgraduate population is an untapped asset of UTAS, and such diversity should be embraced to highlight what is best about UTAS. Imagine a university environment where local and international postgrads from all the faculties are in the same social sphere, looking for ways to enrich each other’s postgrad experience and develop life-long friendships and collaborations. That is my vision for postgrads at UTAS.

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Tim Jarvis
Postgraduate Officer (South)

Your years as a postgraduate student should be challenging and stimulating, as the years in which you are turned into a genuine intellectual to be set loose upon the world. Instead, there is at present little social or intellectual community, and what little there is exists mostly within each School. As Postgraduate Representative, I want to change that.

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